Best Animated Feature Films Of All Time That You Need To Watch


I am a huge fan of animated movies and I know that most of you might like them too. But, most people don’t know that the history of animated films is a long one. Started from moving drawings and now, it has evolved constantly with better tweaks and turns. The animation industry has indeed left a mark that will not be easy to wipe out. Over the years, many creators have done amazing work to create splendid animated movies. So, here are my favorite picks.


This movie about a trash cleaning robot’s love story with another robot is something that you just cannot miss. The director of the film, Andrew Stanton said, “I just thought that was the saddest character I had ever heard of, and I loved it.”


This rat’s classic is directed by Brad Bird. The movie tells how anyone can achieve dreams if they are willing to put in the tough work. The film is a tale of a rat who tries to becoming a chef.

The Iron Giant

This is another movie director Brad Bird gave the world. The movie follows the story of a giant alien who resembles a robot who is befriended by a young boy and is targeted by an officer. The film became a cult classic at the time of its release.

Spirited Away

Now, this one is something special. I rank this movie differently, but it is considered the greatest animated film by many critics and fans. The story is of a girl who tries to free her parents from a curse. The film is an emotional ride, which left many including me teary-eyed.

The Night Before Christmas

I am not sure if you have watched this classic, but if you haven’t, then do it at the earliest. This film is considered to be one of the pioneers of stop-motion animation. It is about a being from the ghost town, who somehow discovers a Christmas town and is excited. But, this soon turns into obsession and things change.

Is your favortie one on the list?