Best Amusement Parks in Asia That You Should Visit


Ah, who does not like to Amusement parks, right? Well, these parks are filled with joy and an entire plan with your friends or your family can be a perfect trip for an outing. If you are also looking to travel in Asian countries and want to enjoy the best amusement parks, then check out this list to get in a ride of your lifetime.

Universal Studios, Singapore

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Located in Sentosa Island, this is a must-visit for everyone. This amazing place is known as the Universal Studio because of its appearance and the set of designs. This place is the perfect place to have a good time out with your friends, family.

Hong Kong Disneyland

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Who does not love Disneyland? Well, for everyone out there, Disneyland is their dreamland. This place packs the right entertainment package for a complete week’s holiday package. If you still have not been here then go there right now. Friends or family, you are bound to have fun.

Ocean Park

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Among the top amusement parks in Asia, this one is the best. Can you guess why? Well, because this place is a water ride and will provide you and your family with the time of their lives. Plus, there are a variety of foods stalls to get here. If you are hungry, you don’t have to wait for anything. Variety of foods at your disposal right from here.

Tokyo Disney Sea

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Another franchise of the Disneyland, this scores to the fourth position of the top amusement parks in Asia. The lighting and the sound show here is to die for. Especially if you are visiting during the evening, you are bound to have a good time out.