Best Affordable Mass Gainer That Works


A few months back, I started taking the MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL, and after taking it, there are many things I noticed changes. So here’s my review of MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL.

  • It’s high on protein: High protein keeps you energized all day long. After drinking it, I felt more active towards things, and it was amazing.
  • The gym is must: Don’t think that just taking a protein gainer will help you gain weight. Protein gainers might help you with the energy but in order for it to help you gain weight, you have to work-out. When you work-out the damaged cells are filled by protein and carbs, which in return make you look more masculine. Take protein and do some workout, and you will see some rapid growth in your weight.
  • Carbs: Carbs are also important in order to gain weight. And, this muscle gainer is also high in Carbs. For every serving(75g), you will have around 52g of carbs, which is great because carbs will help you gain weight quicker.
  • Fat: Fat is also important I understand, but you already get it from other meals. So this is very low on fat to make sure that you are only good stuff in. Just has 1.5g of fat in 75g of serving.

Mix it with milk and stir it well. You can also take it with water, but I prefer milk. I gained around 5kgs of weight in just one month which was great. So if you are also someone who is looking to gain some weight. Do give this one a try.

I will be back with more gym and lifestyle, so stay tuned with us.