Beer, Waffles, Chocolates, and Bruges


Bruges is a beautiful city to visit. The city flaunts its Renaissance period style which embodies both Flemish and Italian guides. The place possesses a romantic vibe and a relaxing laid back set to be encountered with your partner or close buddies.

I can fairly convey the city is filled with love and lots of lakes. With swans swaying their course across the spans, charming homes and drooping laidback flora makes this set a must-see one. You may experience mild drizzles throughout the time which did not bother me too much.

Visitors are abundant here, and I understand it because I went to the touristic spots for a like a couple of minuscules and all I received were visitors. However, I frequently wandered around and got lost, so I was again able to really enjoy the charm of the little town.

It’s an unusually small city with several canals (like in Venice) so essentially what I did is that I adhered to these canals. The canal routes are not to be misplaced. The film ‘PK’ was shot here in Bruges and the song “Chaar Kadam” in the canal streets.

Waffles are, of course, the biggest interest in Belgium. I flew to authentic Waffle shops and had them freshly baked. I almost tried them in 4 different markets throughout the trip. Plus in every intersection, you will see chocolates in various shapes and sizes.

You can’t leave Belgium without trying a beer. Beer shops and bars are stuffed up almost every avenue. Do try double and triple beers which are their trademark. This is what Bruges is all about the past and culture mixed with a hint of modernization.