Become The Life Of The Party With This Margarita Recipe!


Many of us are familiar with tequila and its aftereffects. It is the life of the party but there is another drink that joins the brigade and takes the party train forward. The margarita is the Ranveer Singh in the world of cocktails. A drink that will give you the sucker-punch of good times. 

This drink has stood the test of time thanks to the versatility it comes with. You can sip on this cocktail while nursing a heartbreak with your girlfriends like Carrie and the gang did in Sex and the city or one can down the drink even at a beautiful sundowner while the world is putting on their party socks. 

So, have there been days when you wondered how to make this wonderful drink? Sure the presentation of it all can leave you feeling overwhelmed but when deciphered it is a fairly easy cocktail to create and invite the good times. 

Following are the ingredients you would require for your drink

Ingredients: 2 parts tequila, 1 part lime juice, 1 part Cointreau, and a wedge of lime squeezed in.

Step 1: Bring out your faithful cocktail shaker. If you do not have one then buy it! Stop idling away!

Step 2: Add each of the above ingredients into the cocktail shaker.

Step 3: Now, play the bumpiest and the grooviest music you can find ‘cause baby we are going to shake! 

Step 4: Share this mix in the cocktail shaker for about 10-15 seconds but do not over-do it. You do not want your ice to crush and dilute into the drink. It makes it too watery. 

Step 5: Take a wide-rimmed glass. Preferably chilled. You can keep it in the fridge for some time, also just a tip, salt the rim of it. After all, a tequila-based drink without salt is useless, isn’t it? Serve and party!