Beauty Co. Instant Teeth Whitening Powder Will Save You a Visit To The Dentist


Even though I maintain excellent dental hygiene, I have genetically bad teeth. My diet is rich in meats, and sometimes I don’t mind having a burger or two. I am a sweet tooth, too, which is a problem for my teeth. They turn pale, and the plaque is not helping also.

I am tired of the expensive dentist visits and the time it takes. I needed something else so I can save my time and money while maintaining good dental hygiene and healthy gums. A good friend of mine suggested me the Beauty Co. Instant Teeth Whitening Powder, it had activated charcoal in it, and I was aware of the benefits that it provides.

The Beauty Co. Instant Teeth Whitening Powder came in a metal container with an easy to open lid from which you can scoop out the powder and dip the moist toothbrush in it. Brush your teeth as you would brush with toothpaste, remember to brush it around your inner walls properly, spit the charcoal powder out, and rinse your mouth thoroughly to spit out the toxins.

My breath felt minty fresh after the use, and I could see an instant effect on my teeth. The activated charcoal traps the toxins and removes them from our gums and teeth. It also strengthens our gums to defend against plaque. The coconut shells in the powder will remove the yellow stain from your teeth. So basically, it has everything your teeth needs, and that too under reasonable pricing.