Beatroot, Carrots And Salad Of The Season


Beatroot is a vibrant vegetable with wholesome health benefits. Many individuals don’t like this vegetable, but today I am posting a delicious salad recipe that will make you fan of this Super Vegetable.

This winter season salad is made with fresh carrots, pink beetroots, and fresh cabbage with a hit of a zesty orange pinch of cayenne dressing. Add small chunks of chopped nuts like cashews, chewy sweet apricot, boiled chickpeas, and fresh coriander. It is enriched with flavors and is the fantastic healthy non-boring salad!

For the salad dressing, I prefer fresh orange juice, some leaf of coriander, Spanish extra virgin olive oil with a seasoning of cayenne pepper. All these elements give the salad a nice kick, which aids the sweetness from the citrus of orange and apricot.

Frankly, I’m not much of a salad guy, but I will always opt for a warm mild salad over a cold one. But this vibrant salad has all the ingredients I crave like sweetness, texture, spices, and flavors. I’m so sure you’ll love this.

As from the images you can conclude this salad is so full of colourful elements, with vibes of purple, dark pink and orange. This salad will make you instantly feel fantastic after eating. And I’m sure you’ll go back after finishing first serve as all my friends do!

Don’t forget this salad has loads of protein from the chickpeas dry fruits like cashews. All these elements add a perfect crunch and feel while also making it more enjoyable.