Be Kind Rewind: A Loveletter To Retro Movies


There are very few films in Hollywood that dare to defy the norms, the working formulas to try something so beautiful that even the effort is appreciative. Be kind rewind is one such films.

Jack Black and Mos Def made an unexpected yet fantastic pair of friends who are not only weird but creative in a unique way. Be kind rewind is a dying VHS store and its about to be torn down to make way for a modern building in the growing New Jersey.

The Owner, Mr Fletcher, is in a trap to come up for renovation money for the old building or else the building is as good as gone. Mr Fletcher goes out of town for a week and leaves Mike (Mos Def) In charge. In an idiotic turn of the event, Mike’s friend Jerry (Jack Black) gets electrocuted and becomes magnetized, when he enters the store, he erases all of the VHS tapes. Mike and Jerry are in a world of trouble.

They come up with another stupid idea to reshoot the movies in the tapes by themselves and rent them out. Interestingly, the customers begin to love their rendition, and they start making a lot of money, making their versions of all the classic movies like Ghostbusters and Robocop.

Be kind rewind is a love letter to movies. If you are a movie fan, you must see the beauty and love of cinema this movie has to offer. The creative genius that has been put in the making of the cheap renditions is an inspiring work of art.