Back To 007 Bandwagon: Skyfall


As a lifelong Bond fan who has been profoundly dissatisfied with the latest productions, but I was quite happy with this film. Skyfall also finds what everybody is telling since ‘Casino Royale- that Daniel Craig is the best Bond.

This is a movie where he is never as before- instead of the coldhearted, ruthless action hero we were shown every time, here is a relaxed Bond at better ease, toying with girls and arguing with M and Q with charm and satire.

Mendes’ shot is a trustworthy repair of the franchise, delivering bits of wit, comfort, and sexuality that went missing since the last few films. And there is a suitable excitement without slowing things, sufficient stress and activity without causing it too furious and the pacing is so, so excellent that you sometimes consider the shot falling short or drawing too long.

The buyout of MGM and with Sam Mendes the franchise returns like a beast rising. All the pieces come together that shape a fantastic story that makes Bond carry on. Here the narrative is in reversal as the exotic sets lead to pedestrian spaces and later to the bleak Skyfall. The interplay with Q is smooth, as Bond appears to call on with the new world. Ben Whishaw, Naomi Campbell, and Javier Bardem are proper additions. Ralph Fiennes and Judi Dench were ever fantastic.