Assam & Bihar Floods: The Untold Truth


Recently we’ve witnessed one of the worst floods in the history in Assam and Bihar. The official death toll is yet to be concluded, but by the end of July, 130 people died in Bihar 91 people lost their lives in Assam as of August 6.

88 Lakh people were affected in Bihar by the flooding and in Assam, more than 52 lakh people are affected. I can’t stop asking myself why do we suffer these horrendous disasters every year and why can’t we learn from them and shape a better tomorrow? A single-life is still life; it should be valued.

Why do floods happen?

According to National Geographic, ” Excessive rain, a ruptured dam or levee, rapid melting of snow or ice, or even an unfortunately placed beaver dam can overwhelm a river, spreading over the adjacent land, called a floodplain. Coastal flooding occurs when a large storm or tsunami causes the sea to surge inland.

Another reason that is aiding in these rise of recurring floods is climate change. The mass deforestation we’ve caused to consume products has affected our lives on a drastic level.

What is Climate Change?

Climate change is the extreme change in the pattern of our climate, which is the result of a rise in the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere because we’ve cut most of the forests and trees that absorb the excess carbon dioxide, the fossil fuel emissions are adding fuel to the fire. Red meat farming (Cattle Farming) is also a major cause of the rise in Carbon dioxide. Cattle farming requires acres of land and water which could otherwise be used for irrigation, planting, and supply in the famine-affected areas.

What is the Government doing?

There is no preemptive measure to prevent floods as the Government has not jotted a proper plan to improve the sewer systems in flood-prone areas. However, there is a disaster management plan after the floods take deadly shape, which is disturbing. People are not numbers, every life matter.

Purnea: Flood-affected villagers shift with their belongings in Purnea district on Tuesday. PTI Photo (PTI8_15_2017_000194B)

What can we do?

There are several autonomous organisations, and the government itself is taking donations. The easiest way for you to donate is through Paytm – Follow this URL to make a payment. An act of kindness saves humanity entire.