Asitis Whey Protein Is Affordable And Effective


I strive to be a lean, mean bodybuilding machine in human form. I am working out since I can remember and have tried all kinds of health and natural supplements. What you need is a balanced diet which contains enough amino acids, protein, fibre, carbs, and fat. We cannot eat five minutes after a workout because we are either on our way home or still at the gym trying to dry off the sweat.

A whey protein supplement is the best option for us to make the most of a workout. It is harmless and only helps us build our muscle faster. Recently I’ve tried the Asitis whey protein.

The Asitis whey protein comes in a pouch which can be sealed, so if you don’t have a jar, you don’t need to worry about keeping it intact. It comes with a scoop to weigh the amount needed for one dose. I keep a scoop of the protein in my sipper, and just as I am done with the workout, I pour 3/4th of a glass of water and shake well. Then I sip it at short intervals; I feel re-energized.

The Asitis Whey protein consists of BCAA also. The serving contains 30gm of powder which has 24gm of protein and 6gm of BCAA. The Asitis Whey protein is unflavoured, which I always prefer because if you go for flavours, the protein content decreases.

It has been a month since I am using the Asitis Whey protein. The results are great, and it is an affordable product. Remember that you need to eat a balanced diet to digest the protein, and drinks lots of water at appropriate timings and your gains will show like guns.