Arunachal Pradesh: An Unexplored Destination


Arunachal Pradesh – The place where culture resides. If you haven’t travelled here, then you are missing out on the biggest adventure of your life. James Hilton has first described this fantastic place in his novel about this calm serenity, and he was praised for these words and the way he put up this culturally rich heritage.

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Some of the tourist spots in Arunachal Pradesh:

  1. Tawang: One of the top tourist places in Arunachal Pradesh, this is a fantastic place where you can have a good time out as you please.
  2. Ziro: Another amazing place which you can visit here, in Arunachal Pradesh, this amazing place comes with mountains, lands and valleys, will take you to a whole another realm.  
  3. Bhalukpong: This is the place where you can come down with your friends and have a good photo session. It is one of the top sites which is visited when someone goes to Arunachal Pradesh.
  4. Roing: If you like the peaked snow mountains, then this is the place which you will fall in love with. Comes with snow-laden mountains and ranges which are fantastic, Roing is an excellent spot where you can rent out a villa and then see the scenic beauty.
  5. Itanagar: The snow-capped Himalayas towering on the northern end of the fertile Brahmaputra river, this place remains as the top-visited site in Arunachal Pradesh.
  6. Bomdilla: It is an absolute bestowing site for the tourists and a delightful carry out; this fantastic place has a stand on its own. 

Things to do in Arunachal Pradesh:

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Looking for an underrated activity that you can do when in Arunachal Pradesh? Here are the top things which you can do there.

  1. When you are at Namdapha National Park, then you can go there for the red panda spotting. Well, they aren’t that rare, and they are cute species which can be fantastic for you to spot in natural sightseeing.
  2. Visit the upper larger district of India called the Upper Dibang Valley. This place comes at the most significant area of about 9.129 sq. Km from India and is the least populated country in the whole district.
  3. Trek and go to the Talle Valley if you haven’t already. This fantastic place comes with a whole scenic beauty which you will fall in love with. The trek valley is best for the people with an adventurous mind.
  4. Visit the ancient Hindu temple of the Malinithan. The ruins of this old temple were discovered in the earliest 20th century, and it is still shown as a place of religion and culture up to this date. 

Best time to travel?

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October and April are noted as the best time where you can travel to here. Since they are the months of the winter season, you can visit there and have calming weather, which can soothe you out.