Are Men Warming Up To Cosmetic Surgeries? Time For Us To Find Out


With the sharp rise in reality television and paparazzi, the intrusion into the lives of famous people has exposed everyone to cosmetic surgeries and its perks. So much so, that nowadays men have also started to adopt this lifestyle where they are more than open to trying non-invasive or in some cases invasive surgeries too. 

But why? It is a question that finds answers in the deep-rooted stigmas in the lives of men around the world. While women do have it difficult with the standards of beauty on a rise day by day, men fight their own battles. Magazines and films that show a man exoticized and built to aesthetic perfection gives birth to insecurities in the average joe. 

It does not help that male pattern baldness is extremely common and throw in the pitfalls of aging that brings eye bags, wrinkles and so on to the faces of defeated looking men. These problems are making more and more men head into the direction of cosmetic surgeries. There is nothing wrong with presenting your best foot forward. Everyone wishes to look good and why should men be left behind in this rat race.

As the demand for men grooming and cosmetic surgeries are on the rise, there are several more procedures that have introduced themselves on the table. A man can opt for getting rid of his man-boobs, burn his fat, get a chemical peel and use botox. Some even go for penis enlargement. If one is to study the root of such insecurities, you realize that a lot of it stems from bullying too.

Cosmetic surgery is a boon and a curse. It is a double-edged sword that can work in favor of someone and if it decides to go against somebody it can truly become your worst nightmare. As long as a person is not obsessed with these enhancements, it is all good. Also, it is nice to see men embracing change.