For The Love Of Forbidden Fruit: AirPods


When Apple ripped of earphone jack and revealed its AirPods the widespread wireless earphones that exactly looks like the company tore down the wires out of the earphones that the company packs with every phone, specifically, I was found at every place, saying, “They look so ignorant! Wireless stinks, and I never want to give beloved headphone jack!”

So, after a while something made me consider this buds I’d called off? One day, before I was about to get on a train and got myself, a pair of average though a portable headset, I was gifted years ago died.

So after consideration, I thought, why not go with the AirPods. I purchased them, put them on like a millennial ready to rock. I pressed Play on Spotify and which I always set to shuffle. On the brief moment, the delicate music of John Mayer fluttered into my ears. I have used Apple’s earbuds for months and was wondering about a column in the newspaper about their expensiveness. Back in 2011, I would be shocked at myself on how the hell I choose this expensive gadget.

These AirPods don’t deliver the loud sound, which I get with my prized Sennheiser headphones, but that’s not the top priority. The AirPods are incredible in terms of portability, but they can be beaten, especially when on long journeys.

So if you are like me, who lives in the ecosystem of Apple products but have yet to spend the 12-14k on AirPods, you need to give them a chance. They work brilliantly with iPhones, but they also work with all other Bluetooth devices, including some Android phones.