An Afterthought In MCU: Black Widow Solo Movie


Scarlett Johansson’s MCU journey has been drifting in since the beginning. They have adopted her as an accessory to advance the narrative forward instead of being built up into a complete-fledged character. But now things are changing. It’s been confirmed: the teaser trailer of Black Widow will be released on December 13. Let’s dig into it

Black Widow will take place after the affairs of the Civil War, where she’ll meet up with another Widow played by Florence Pugh and fight off against the Disciplinarian. The picture looks interesting, likewise with a cast including Stranger Things’ David Harbour and Rachel Weisz.

Speaking of, Natasha Romanoff never receives a suitable one for fans to bite into. She’s ever been this kind of unknown type who speaks words like “I’m always picking after you boys” while the other heroes have all the fun smiling through catchy one-liners and their own story arcs. 

Various filmmakers who have portrayed her narrative have dredged in a disturbing past that has made her who she is. But it’s never felt steady enough to appear like a grounded character at the stage of the other main heroes. If you reflect back to her big occasions, they are all to serve the different storylines. Natasha’s death in Avengers: Endgame was a disappointing one.

Even if Endgame didn’t have time to give Natasha a burial or didn’t feel like, the state they even shot her demise felt worthless and crossed off instead of touching.

No matter what’s happening next for a character, filmmakers should seize the moment being felt during the scene. This approach shows further how often of an afterthought Black Widow’s been in the franchise.