Amazon Prime’s The Family Man is The Show India Was Waiting For


I am a huge fan of Manoj Bajpai. He is one of those stars who are actors first and celebrity later. He is not a handsome man, yet he made his place in the toughest Hindi film Industry like the sword of King Arthur.

The Family Man is a show about Srikant, a government employee who finds it immensely difficult to find a balance between his work and family. He tries his best, but the secrets he is carrying in his heart and mind keep him restless. He is a poised man, or atleast he tries to be one.

His job is not an ordinary government job where you sit on a table and look at files all day. It’s just a cover-up for the world and his family. Srikant Tiwari is a senior analyst for RAW, the secret intelligence agency of India. While his family complaints that he is not an attentive father or husband, he is trying to save the country against the most dangerous threats.

I found the concept of the show quite interesting as it a mix of both a middle-class life and the darkest of realities involving terrorism. The show is inspired by news stories so we will get a glimpse of reality through a window of fiction. The Family man is full of comedic and action sequences; I am excited for the show to be released on Amazon prime 20.09.2019.