Amazon Prime’s “The Family Man” Is Enthralling


The Family Man was released recently on Amazon Prime Video. When I began watching the show, it was a bit slow-paced, and it felt like I am wasting my time until the show took its real shape.

I have not seen a setting like this for a spy show. Usually, the world of cinema depicts spies as this cool guy who dodges bullets like its the Matrix and kills villains like John Wick. In India, nothing can be farther than the truth. Our spies are like Srikant Tiwari (Manoj Bajpayee), who manages his life like a regular husband where his wife is the boss at home, and his work life is full of stress.

His wife is seeking support which he wants to provide, but the nation comes first at any given day. His kids don’t care much but love him nonetheless. A family man is never alone yet so lonely all the time. Srikant loves his wife but fails to express it most of the time. His wife Suchitra (Priyamani) s tired of her routine and seeks some solace in her friendship with a colleague at her office. Everybody has their secrets, even the kids.

In all the hustle and bustle of daily life, Srikant has three friends; JK his cohort, alcohol, and smoking. His life is always in danger, and his entire family thinks that he works at some good for nothing desk job.

There are some serious threats against our nation and Srikant, and his team has to stop an evil mission in its budding state itself. When he enters his home at night; nobody knows a thing about his estranged work life as a spy. The Family Man is hilarious, gripping, and relatable at the same time.