Amazing Benefits of Jump Squats That You Must Know


It is quite obvious that if you work out, then squats are the part of your regime. There a lot of positives of doing squats as it is a compound exercise, which almost makes all of our body parts work. The calories burned is quite high and also helps in bringing good shape to your legs, buttocks, and muscles. But, all of these things that we talked about are associated with squats. But, have you ever explored jump squats and their amazing benefits? No. Well, that’s what I am here to tell you. Jump squats or plyometric jumps, whatever you prefer calling it, is perfect in a lot of sense and also better than regular squats. It power-packed and targets a lot of body areas, including glutes, lower abs, and leg muscle. It is also quite effective when it comes to losing weight.

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Jump squats have a lot of variations and you can perform as many as you want. This is one of those workouts that doesn’t require you to go to the gym or needs any equipment. It can be easily performed almost anywhere you can get enough space to free your hands and legs.

Let us now take a look at the benefits of jump squats.

# Burn calories

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One of the biggest and best reasons to perform this exercise is the number of calories you can lose. According to a study, 30 jump squats can help you burn almost 100 calories. Though this number can vary as per your weight and with what intensity you are performing the jump squats. Many women face the problem of excessive weight in the lower body after a certain age and they can use jump squats to get the best results and burn calories at faster speeds than other exercises. Though it is advised to perform daily to get the best results.

# Mobility and balance

It is quite important to keep your body flexible and mobile to perform daily tasks with high efficiency. This workout makes your life quite healthy and helps in becoming a free-moving person, who is active. When you perform jump squats, mobility is not the only thing that is affected but your balance also becomes spectacular. As we get older, our bodies tend to lose leg strength. If you perform jump squats regularly, then it can save from weak legs in future. Jump squats are also beneficial in maintaining motor balance and improving brain-to-muscle communication.

# Toned body

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Now, this one is quite obvious. One of the major reasons people opt for jump squats is to get a toned body. The polymetric version can be effective than the regular squats as the intensity of workout increases. This, in turn, results in toned buttocks, legs, muscles, and abs.

# Improve athletic performance

As mentioned earlier, jump squats help in mobility and balance, which in turn contribute to improving athletic performance. Some studies even showed athletes got better endurance when performed this exercise for quite some time. And, it is the most prominent reasons why we all see jump squats as the routine exercise in an athlete’s workout regime.

# Overall health improvement

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We all know that exercising has health benefits. I mean, no matter what type of workout routine you follow, it is important that you have one and do it daily. You even see improvement in glucose regulation, lipid metabolism, and insulin sensitivity. Jump squat also keeps diseases, including obesity, hypertension, and diabetes at bay.

Before you start doing jump squats, keep the following things in your mind:

  • Warmup: Don’t directly start doing the exercise. It is better to warm up, which can include, brisk walking, jogging, or normal jumps.
  • Avoid concrete: It is important to check the surface. If you have not performed this exercise before, then it is advised to perform on a flat yet soft surface to avoid hurting yourself.
  • No need for extra weight: If you think that adding weight to this workout will help, then you are wrong because there are no additional benefits.
  • Overdoing: This is something which tends to happen with people who enjoy a particular exercise. Overdoing jump squats can lead to an excessive impact on your joints.

There you go- this was a straightforward explanation of some of the benefits of jump squats. This will indeed improve your physical appearance and even feed your mental health well. So what are you waiting for? Time to go for some jump squats.