All You Need To Know About The Friends Reunion On HBO Max

Friends (screen grab) CR: NBC

Could it be any better? Dreams do come true, Friends is ready to break the internet again through a reunion episode. This reunion episode will probably be an interview of all the major cast members – Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, and Jennifer Aniston. Rumour has it that the cast initially turned down the interview when they were offered $1 Million each. HBO was not having no for an answer so now the cast will make approximately $2.5 Million each for the one-hour episode.

The interview will probably be conducted by Ellen DeGeneres, which will be filled with reminiscent memories and anecdotes. I can’t wait for the whole cast to gather in a room, and regale us with memories. I am sure this reunion episode will be watched by the whole world. You can’t put a price on Friends, so we don’t mind how much the cast is getting paid. We only want them together again in Central Perk sipping coffee like the good old days.

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Friends are a major part of teenage years and I am sure that it will be watched for all the generations to come. In my opinion, it’s a brilliant idea that HBO Max is doing everything they can to make it happen for us, after all, it’ all about the audience. I would love to see the supporting cast members and the creators of the show to be present at the reunion. Janice, Gunther, Mike, and of course the ugly naked guy. I will be posting more updates as soon as we gain them.

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