Kerala as a whole is a superb package and this is not because I am native of the place. It has got hills, beaches, lakes, rivers and abundant in lush greenery. If you are a nature lover, what more do you want? However, my favourite of all places in Kerala is Alappuzha.

I was born here with the waves crashing right outside my hospital window, and maybe that’s why I find the waves very comforting. Once known as the ‘Venice of the East’, Alappuzha has a lot of history with it once being a happening trade centre. So here are some places you must visit if you are in Alappuzha!

The Beach – It is huge. I have been to several beaches, but nothing matches up to the size of Alappuzha’s beach. You will see black coloured sand mixed with the grey coloured sand. This is because of the presence of minerals such as bauxite. Buy a cone of roasted peanuts, sit down on the shore and let the waves take our worried away. Or let me give you a better idea – roll up your pants and sleeves and play with the waves. However, if you are with small kids, be careful as the waves can be quite strong during the evenings.

These pictures are proof of the fact that a 23-year-old woman can behave like 10-year-old when the sea smell hits her nostrils and the cool sea breeze messes with her tresses.

The backwaters: the backwaters officially begin from Kollam. It forms when five lakes come together. I remember the boating trip I took with my mother’s side of the family. The boat moved in a rhythmic way, and I was mesmerised by the colours that surrounded us. My fondest memory is stopping at a restaurant right in the middle of the water for lunch. We selected the seafood from the fresh catch, and it was surely worth licking all five fingers.

Do you know what the best part of any trip is? The little joys. The cup of chai you had with friends on a hilltop, a plate of crisp pakodas on the seashore with waves lapping at your feet and I go on. So why don’t you take a trip to this beautiful district and let me know your experience!