Airpods And How To Stop Misplacing Them All The Time?


Airpods are not cheap and losing them is a slight attack in the heart. But what makes them vulnerable for you to misplace is that they are so tiny in nature. Unlike your wired headphones, you can always find them, but these items are fragile. Losing one will be a significant tension for you. The fear of misplacing your Airpods is genuine, and a lot of owners have confirmed over it. They have said that they have sometimes forgotten and left it over on the top of the washing machine counter. Some have even left them on a desk and dug out later.

How can you stop misplacing them?

Use the Airpods straps

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There is an elastic cord that you can attach to your Airpod. It makes a proper strap, more like a Bluetooth headphone. Such an irony, isn’t it? These straps are good since they will attach more to your ears. So if you are running while listening to your favourite song, you don’t have to worry much. The straps will do their deal.

Find a tracker

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Do you know that your pod has a tracker in it? If you use and install the tracker on your phone, then you can easily track your pod. The pod tracker is a great way to find a suitable solution for your missing pods. You can make active the tracker, and it will help you reach your pod right.

Be a responsible owner of Airpods

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We all know how stubborn it is for you to use your pod right. So make sure that you are a responsible owner and the one who takes care of their items. Apple has invented so many safety filled cases to store the pods right on time. If you want to have a onetime investment, then getting these cases will save you from losing such a worth.