Affordable Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


So the big day of love is here. It has become more of a commercial day where you have to give material gifts and go on expensive dates to impress people on social media. Call me an old school romantic, but I do believe in feelings rather than someone’s wallet. There is an air of love around Valentine’s day, all these ads and decorations can inspire us to spend some quality time with a loved one. If you want to avoid these shenanigans, I’ve got the best ideas for you.

Netflix and chill

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What better idea than to cuddle in the bed and play some romantic movie on the big screen. For men, I would say watch a movie your partner’s choice, she will appreciate it. Go for the classic choices, make some popcorn for her and hug her in the blanket.

Wine and dine at home

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You can surprise your partner by cooking their favourite meal and throw in some wine if you don’t mind. You don’t need to make a complicated meal, just something tasty and sentimental. Make their childhood favourite dish, this will make them fall in love with you even more.

Breakfast in bed

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Everyone needs to be pampered once in a while, why not do it on Valentine’s day. Wake them up with an English breakfast; tea and biscuits would be a delightful first meal of the day.

Pizza and conversations

Order a big size pizza and don’t worry about the calories for just one day. Talk about the things you’ve never talked about. Tell them what they mean to you and just let the night take its shape. The little things we do for each other are not little, they become the reason why someone stays in your life.