Adventures You Can Do In London In Two Days


Are you in London for only a couple of days? Well, there are a lot of things you can do that will forever be part of your memories. What is it? Keep reading to know more.

Jack The Ripper Tours

Are you into mysteries? Then this one is definitely for you. This tour is not like ordinary ones. In fact, it takes place late in the evening to give you feels. Also, theatrics are involved to amp up the experience.

Jack the Ripper is someone we talk about even today. Some say he was a cotton merchant called James Maybrick, while some say he was Price Albert. There are also theories claiming that he was a woman. Hence, the point is, don’t miss this tour if you want a sneak-peak at London’s dark history.

Tower Of London

The historic structure is majestic and has been in place for years playing multiple roles. Once upon a time, it was a royal palace and then also a prison. Many people claim that this location is haunted. So, go take a look. Also, there are several tours that take place near the Tower of London.

A Speedboat Tour Of The City

Okay, London is not merely dark and mysterious. You can also soak in wondrous sights along with a hint of adventure with a speedboat tour. Of course, you can travel on foot or even take a cab. But a speedboat sounds fun, right?

Just like any other city, you can also enjoy quaint cafes, fine dining, shopping and a lot more in London. However, the above ideas are out-of-the-box and will ensure you have a gala time.