Adopt These Fashion Tips If You’re Short


Today, it’s all about keeping it fashionable. And, if you are short, then these fashion tips will definitely come in handy.

  • Keep It Tucked

Even if you are donning a simple T-shirt with your trusted pair of jeans, for someone who is short, every T-shirt is a tad bit too long. But, worry not, all you need to do is tuck it in and it will make you look chic and a little taller. The basic rule here is not to let your shirt to cover the zipper.

  • Ankle Length Jeans

Ankle length jeans are perfect for you. However, if you love them baggy jeans, then just cuff them and tuck your shirt. Now, you are good to go.

  • Belt It!

Add a belt to your dress. It will help make your legs look long and accentuate your waist. This will also enhance your curves!

  • Pants That Bunch

One common mistake that we make is wearing pants that bunch too much at the bottom. When that happens, it will make you look shorter.

  • Right Kinda Shoes

Don’t opt for ankle strap sandals. These sandals are great when you have long legs as it can help highlight that feature of yours. But, to add elongated effect wear shoes that are lower to make your legs look longer.

  • No Bat Sleeves

Bat sleeves can make you look unflattering. Hence, go for a little longer sleeve.

  • Heels

Of course, heels can be uncomfortable and to be honest, they are really the worst. But, if you love asymmetrical dresses then wearing heels along with it will make your legs look longer and highlight your curves.

  • Flaunt Your Figure

Some of the best ways to accentuate your figure are to go with a monochrome look with nude shoes or try a deep V-neckline. This will help you flaunt your figure and look chic.