A Step By Step Guide To Coloured Eyeliner


I love trendy makeup. I love glitter. I love the force of colours. And thanks to Euphoria, I now have the inspiration to combine all of them and have a ball.

In today’s episode of #OverratedObsessions, let me take you through a clear pathway of applying coloured eyeliner and rocking it like its nobody’s business.

A nice punch of coloured eyeliners totally uplift your eyes and make a case of one hell of a makeup look.

And if you are a rookie, then I am here to guide you. Here are some simple tips on how to achieve that superlative look:

#1 Prime Your Eyes

Priming your eyes sets a nice base for your eyes. You can either use your normal primer or get a special eye primer for this. Just make sure it suits your skin tone.

#2 Make an outline with a pencil eyeliner

Before applying liquid eyeliner, make a proper outline with pencil eyeliner. You can choose any colour, just make sure they suit your eyes.

#3 Complete the look with a swipe of liquid eyeliner

Here is your YASS QUEEN moment. Once you are done applying liner through a pencil, finish the look with a liquid eyeliner.

Hope you try this. Toodles for now!