A Simple Life In Zanskar Valley


Some millions of years ago, the Indian subcontinent, proceeding northwards on the Ocean of Tethys, crashed into Asia in one of the grandest geographic developments in the Earth’s story. The enormous stresses provoked by the jolt hit out fiercely over the later 50 million lives. The Asian and Indian tectonic plates bending and thrust up thousands of cadences into the open to create the largest elevation group on the surface of the Earth: the Great Himalayas. Beds of sediment from the seafloor moved ahead of the bends well like foam at the peak of a wave and fixed into intricate pieces of smaller mountain areas and gorges on the northern wing of the Himalaya. One of these is the Zanskar.

Sub-district of the Kargil region is Zanskar, which exists in the eastern fraction of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The Zanskar zone is divided from Ladakh by the Zanskar mountain line. The Valley is placed at a lofty elevation that stretches from 11,500 to 23,000 ft above sea-level, and the lowland is famous for its spectacular scenery and monasteries.

Padum is the headquarters. It is the sole place which bears an affinity to life as we recognize it? It possesses a few visitor houses, joints, and outlets. Beyond Padum, there is an unusual absence of any traveling amenities, which instruments in your stay with the residents in their homes. Devour the food they eat, produced in their fields. Consume what they blend at home. This brew is commonly the cha or its distilled form, the arhak. On lengthy passages to make sure the kids stay calm, a few sips of cha become useful. 

Everything operates at a sluggish pace. Everybody involves themselves in discussions. Over supper, you would exchange tales with the household you are settling with. No agriculture, no electricity, how did they resolve the time? Our landlady explained they would lit the woodfire and everybody squatted closely in the room. “But what do you do?” “We all seat jointly.” “Doing what?” “Resting by the spirit.” After several conversations of sitting, we realized that staying heated was what they carried in the colds. “Accomplishing nothing” wasn’t a lavish lifestyle call for them; it was their idea of life.