A Private War: A Remarkable True Story


Being a war writer myself, I know that there is something addictive about being around the battlefield. You cannot help but be drawn near the artillery shells and raging gunfire, and you don’t even know why you like to be. Perhaps you are now comfortable with it. Being away from society and trying to make an actual difference in people’s lives is the only thing that gives meaning to you. It has serious consequences that you cannot ever recover from; just like Marie Colvin, the brave war journalist who did everything she could to give voice to the voiceless.

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Rosamund Pike plays Marie Colvin and she gave one of the best performances of her career. Marie was a remarkable journalist, she was brave as if she was immortal. She always strived to know the unequivocal truth behind any war. She had a disturbed life, her addictions, and her inability to socialize made her difficult to deal with, but when it came to her work, she was the best.

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Most of the war films tell the story of the Belligerents or are provide a one-sided perspective. There are only a few movies which show how the truth of war reaches you, its because of the brave War correspondents like Marie who risk their lives and infiltrate war zones.

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Rosamund Pike and Marie Colvin

I am particularly impressed by A Private War because of the raw nature of the film. The Sheer bravado of Marie and her poise while covering battlezones was depicted with true filmmaking. It is a great movie and more and more people should watch it to understand the human cost of war.