A Piece Of Art: Your Name


Kimi no Nawa (Your Name) is a trademark of quality work which Studio Ghibli makes. A course about growing up, A passage about human desire that transcends distance and space, as we observe our protagonists always struggling against destiny. This movie is a route that is one of the most enthraling anime experiences I’ve had in past years. 

Director Makoto Shinkai’s brilliance is substantial proof that searches the view of life and relations in modest ways seldom seen or examined, which is why they are slow-burning, not paced yet they are just so beautiful. This film is by far most earnest, an original film in many forms. For example, there’s a specific mystical aspect to the story. All of this is done through a detailed vision so passionate, so brilliantly executed, that I’m pretty sure anybody who viewed this was tearing up, including me. 

Without spoilers, what drives this film’s narrative is the progressives of our main characters’ affair. The form these two blends are just so strange but appealing. The premise itself provides them to connect on a more intimate level, far more stimulating than the familiar teenage love story movies.

By the end of this film, I had nothing but tears of uncertainty in my eyes and my focus was moderately heavy with strange emotions but conclusion just furnished me with comfort and it genuinely ambitious to interpret those sentiments in words. I am grateful that I watched this splendid piece of art cinema. Shinkai created one of the most beautiful anime movies of the generation, and it’s my favourite now as well.