A Night Spent At Kerala Backwaters Houseboat


I have been to Kerala a few times now, and a brief stay on a famous Alleppey houseboat is one of the vastest appeals while travelling there. So of course, I wasn’t travelling to reach all the way here and miss out on all the fun. I wandered to this beautiful part of India expecting to have a fond experience on Kerala’s backwaters, that’s what took place! But it wasn’t without a few minor hiccups.

I pulled into the houseboat in the morning from one of the piers in Alleppey. As promptly as I commenced, my raw image was that the boat team was prepared as they gratified us with light snacks. We met with the boat team, and they took off us with a loving smile. As the boat calmly departed, we have paraded around to our chambers after We dropped our luggage in the room and hit back out into the open to do a little wandering.

The boat drifted along small canals where I looked at the entire glory of village life. Bodies migrated in kayaks to reach the mainland as many homes well do not have an approach route. Even kids were operating canoes the way we use cycles and bikes to go around. It was incredible! I with rest of the crew were crossed by other boats, and it was a thrill to see the visitors there, enjoying a ‘Wow’ remark on their faces.

The boat steadily advanced towards the lake, and this was an altogether unique experience. We appeared fallen in the vast stretch, while further feeling like royalty. The boat halted for lunch by 1 PM ideal in the lake, making us feel all the more excited. They prepared the meal separately, and it tasted marvellous. After we had our lunch, and the team had theirs, the cruise continued.

We spent furthermore time strolling around. Let me advise you, falling asleep on a drifting boat is very extraordinary, experience it. We got up in the morning to echoes from the suburb, songs from a temple near, the elegant thumps of village folk cleaning their clothes and the squawks of kids playing. It was an incredible reality! I crave I could get up like this every day!

There are a few details everybody should have in mind while trying a houseboat cruise. Book houseboats to encounter something unique, not to have all the comforts you can get in a resort. It is an extraordinary kind of sense, but clearly, not one to be missed.