A Customised Moisturiser That Actually Makes A Difference To Your Skin!


Finding a perfect moisturiser for oily skin can be very tricky. People who have oily skin can completely relate to it as there is a thin line between feeling moisturised and having a greasy face. A famous and renowned brand, Clinique provides a customised moisturiser which provides a gel-based moisturiser. 

Clinique has formulated in such a way that it can face various concerns leaving the skin look supple, healthy and glowy. 

Firstly getting a consultation done would help to form a cream. Concerns like dullness, large pores and uneven texture are dealt with wisely. Based on these concerns, a hydrating base and a blue cartridge – green for irritation, orange for fatigue, white for uneven skin, purple for wrinkles. 

Alternately one can choose a different moisturising lotion and oil-free get as the base. You have to select the serum and this can be seen from outside of the bottle. One of the cartridges carries certain levels of AHA and other contents that help in the reduction of the pore size. The serum helps in having a polished and glowing radiance. It removes all the dead skin so that the fresh skin starts breathing. 

If we talk about using it daily then yes, the hydrating jelly is definitely what adds value to our cleaning regime. Irrespective of what you select just go with the base or the base + cartridge, so it doesn’t cause any harm to our skin.