7 Days In Hell Is The Funniest Movie You Never Watched


Back in 2015, HBO released a TV mockumentary movie inspired by the longest Tennis match ever at the Wimbledon. It starred Andy Samberg, Kit Harrington, Karen Gillan, Michael Sheen, Serena Williams, John Hamn (Narrator), and numerous fascinating cameos.

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To give you the hint of craziness that binds this movie, Andy Samberg plays Aaron Williams, the adopted brother of Sarena Williams, who also became a Tennis legend before abruptly leaving Tennis forever. When he finds out that Charles Poole (Kit) is being called the greatest Tennis player ever, Aaron makes a return only to play in the most bizarre and the longest Wimbledon match ever that went on for seven days.

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Credits: HBO

As the movie began, I was laughing my guts off. The crafted stupidity that runs along with the film is special. It is comparatively easier to write a dramatic sequence that involves emotions, probably because we never lack drama in life. But, to imagine such fresh comedy sequences and fuse them with the elegance of Tennis is divine to be apt. You’ve only seen Kit play as the grim Jon Snow; he is something else entirely in 7 days in hell. I can assure you that his character is shockingly dumb. I never knew that I wanted to see Kit play such a role until I saw the movie.

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Every cameo is remarkable; the roles were designed only for the artists that were cast. Will Forte, June Squibb, Howie Mandel, and others will make you rewind and watch their scenes many times. The use of the word indubitably is pure genius; you will know what I am talking about when you watch the film. Long story short, stream the movie on Disney +.