7 Amazing Benefits Of Chaas Or Buttermilk For Skin


Buttermilk is the official summer drink of India, we just love it, and it is so much better for our health than aerated cold drinks and packaged fruit juices. I believe real food has a short expiry date. Food or drinks that go rancid fast are natural. Buttermilk is always served fresh with a pinch of salt and pepper mix, it eases my gut, fills me with energy, and keeps my mood fresh. It is a rejuvenating drink that is best when taken right after meals. It promotes good bacteria in our digestive system, keeps the pH levels down, and is the most amazing drink for our skin.

Mostly, we drink buttermilk for taste and the cool nature of it, but when you realize that it is the ultimate drink for your skin, you will love it even more. For those who are looking for fairness through buttermilk must understand that there is a huge difference between fairness and healthy skin. Buttermilk makes your skin healthier. Healthy skin will give confidence and a sense of self-care that you always wanted. These are the amazing benefits of chass or buttermilk for your skin.

Deep cleanser

Buttermilk cleanses your skin from the inside. You will be spared of going to beauty salons for a cleansing routine and spend unreasonable amounts of your hard-earned money. The key is lactic acid, it will exfoliate the dirt that is stored deep within your skin, which is the best thing. You are not using an external topical element, your body will do it for you with the help of buttermilk.

Glowing skin

A naturally glowing skin is so much better than the fake fairness cream applications. The main element of buttermilk is added into most beauty products, it is lactic acid and the probiotics. Our skin is connected to the gut, when our gut is healthy, our skin glows. Drink buttermilk regularly, and you will see the difference in less than a month. Do not opt for fairness creams, your skin is beautiful, you just need to take proper care of it.

Cure for acne scars

Little hard to believe that acne scars and blemishes can be healed through buttermilk. You should apply buttermilk topically for your acne scars. If there is even a little doubt in your mind, ask your dermatologist for it, they will advise the same. Buttermilk is an astringent, it will help your skin to lighten the blemishes of acne scars. You will have to apply it regularly for best results.

Sunburn remedy

Have you ever been to a beach and forgot to apply sunscreen, or you just dipped in the ocean, the cream is off, and you are now exposed to the blistering sun rays. You will need a lot of buttermilk to heal your burning sensation of the skin. Once you apply or soak buttermilk on the burnt skin, it will assuage the pain. If you apply buttermilk before heading out to the sun, it can be a natural alternative to the sunscreen cream.

Acne cure

Acne is a curse. People with oily and sensitive skin how terrible acne can be, it lowers your confidence. Makes you feel ashamed of yourself in social situations. But worry not, acne can be defeated through buttermilk. You will need gram flour with buttermilk, make a paste of both the ingredients, wait for it to dry and wash it off with normal water. You will see the improvement in a matter of just one month.


Even if we are fifty years old, we wish that we could feel younger. Buttermilk can help you with that. Mix equal amounts of honey and buttermilk, make a paste of it, apply it on your face, let the paste dry and wash it off. This paste will moisturize your face, cleanse it, and keep your skin younger.

Skin tightening

Smoking is one of the main causes of sagging skin, you should kill the habit at once to save yourself from lifelong troubles. Make a mix of buttermilk, gram flour, and sandalwood and apply it to your face, wait for it to dry and wash it off. Practising this method will keep your pores tight and skin flexible, giving you a beautiful and natural look.