5 Ways You Can Up Your Style Game With A Basic White Tee


A basic white tee has always been underestimated when it comes to styling. People either prefer reds or blacks as a style statement. While your little black dress certainly tops the list, a basic white tee can also help you in those days of uncertainty, when you go all crazy with what to wear to look your best. Trust me, it can be a true saviour for you to amp up your look. To prove this, below are ways in which you can win at your fashion game with a white tee.-

Style it with a colourful scarf

If you’re wanting to style a basic white tee with denim, you can go for this look. Just drape around a colourful scarf and wear a poppy lipstick and you would be all set looking fashionable as ever.

White on white

Though the colour on colour game is quite common, white on white looks minimalist and classy at the same time and helps you look on top of your style game always.

Wide leg jeans ftw!

Wide-legged high waisted jeans are the new cool. Add on some funky accessories or a statement back and you’ll rock it.

Under a jumpsuit

Wearing a t-shirt with a strappy jumper, win-win outfit. This helps you look stylish without compromising with your comfort.

Go basic

You can always pair it with a simple buttoned down denim skirt, for a casual day-out look. It’s casual yet stylish and you can never go wrong with basics.