5 Ways to Tell If Your Waxing Salon Is Legit


I know everyone wouldn’t agree with this, but for me, hygiene means a lot. From the scalp to your toes, hair has designated standards that must be adhered to. And one of the golden rules of hair care is to find a salon that fits your needs.

And waxing salons must have a clean and cared for aura in them, then facilitates our experience. Right?

Well, I think you must taste and try. Here are some of the best ways in which you can tell if the waxing salon you want to get service in is legit.

#1 Examine the way they handle waste: There’s a lot of waste that’s generated at a salon, right? How they treat it, speaks a lot about them.

#2 Read reviews on Yelp: Online resources are fantastic and should be used without shame. It’s better that your options anyway.

#3 Get to know their specialities: It is essential that you get to know what they work the best in. And tailor your needs accordingly.

#4 Ask random questions to your waxer: It is good to ask questions regarding your interests. For example: What are your pre and post-wax routine?

#5 Use your gut: You can read the room, find red flags and analyse it through your gut. The areas of concerns will be rooted out by that. Biggest sign: double-dipping in the wax.

Good luck, girl. Toodles for now.