5 Ways to Make Your Eyes Look Younger


Almost all of us have dark circles under our eyes and it makes us look pale, weak and old. W spend money on products that give temporary results. You are a product of nature and your healthy recovery and progress will be fast when you apply natural things on your skin.

There are ways to make your eyes look younger and they require little effort and some patience from your side to give you a refreshing look.

Green-tea bags

Dip a pair of two green-tea bags in hot water for 1 minute and then dip them into ice water for a second. Apply it on your eyes to get rid of puffy eyes in the morning.

Moisturize your eyes

Facial skin under our eyes is tender and needs extra care. A layer of suitable moisturizer will make your skin look hydrated, thus resulting in a younger look.

Refrigerate your eye cream

Keeping your eye cream in the freezer will give a soothing effect to your eyes, especially when your eyes seem fatigued.

Apply Highlighter

Highlighters can give a radiant glow to your eyes when you apply it just above the cheekbone.

A concealer is a friend

If anything else won’t work try hiding the dark circles using a concealer. Sometimes dark circles can be a hereditary issue which can’t be permanently be fixed. But a concealer will save you in times of a social occasion like weddings or parties.