5 Unusual Cupcakes You Would Love To Try


Who can ever hate a cupcake? Those cute pieces of cakes with a generous helping of cream or icing can make anyone’s day better. So why not do something different this time around? Instead of offering the usual chocolates as treats, treat the kids to these creepy, flavoured cupcakes. They will love you absolutely!

Owl cupcakes:

This one is considered as the beginner’s level in the creepy cupcakes. Take a chocolate cupcake with a good amount of chocolate frosting. Take an Oreo. separate them and stick them to the icing facing up. Take an orange M&M or a jelly bean and use it as the nose. Use chocolate balls as the eyeballs and voila! you have your creepy looking owl cupcake.

Buried Alive Cupcakes

Take a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting and sprinkle some chocolate cookie crumbs. Insert a plastic doll arm smack in the centre of the cupcake. However, make sure you tell the kids that this arm is not edible. We don’t want any accidents, do we?

Eyeball cupcakes

Take a cupcake with white frosting. Insert a small black jelly bean into a circular gummy candy; this is your iris. The candy can be of any popular or your favourite eye colour. Use the red writing icing and make those bloodshot veins from the iris. You have an excellent scary cupcake!

Infestation Cupcakes

Take any flavoured cupcake with a frosting of any colour. However, I prefer dark chocolate or white frosting. Cover them with candy of different shapes. These shapes will represent the creepy crawlies which we all hate. Trust me, the cupcakes will be loved by those who are fans of horror stories.

Spidey cupcakes

Take a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting and cover it generously with chocolate sprinkles. Use the M&Ms for the eyes and chocolate sauce for the irises. Use chocolate sticks for the spidey legs. Alternatively, you can draw the legs on the cupcakes which is an easier option.

Ready to rock the party? Hope you have fun treating the kids to these creepy treats!