5 Teas I Have Tried And Loved


Being a teetotaller, I have always struggled with choice of beverages on offer. And yes, I’m quite on the back-foot when I try finding something that would interest my senses. Unfortunately, I don’t have much of an option apart from cranberry juice, a can of Red Bull or a Mojito mocktail usually.

But not quite so when in a coffee shop. That is my turf, especially if they serve a variety of teas too. Along these years of travel, I have tried out some fancy non alcoholic beverages. Today, I’ll list out 5 types of teas that I tried. And also loved.

Black Tea

One of the most popular drinks in the world, black tea is famed for its rich history. A native to China originally, it was unheard of to the rest of the world until the 17th century. Explorers made wide inroads into the orient world and brought it along with gunpowder.

Black tea has a bitter taste, like that of an astringent. Some people add skimmed milk to reduce the intensity of the taste.

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the oldest and healthiest drinks in the world. Similar to its dark counterpart in the west, it is extremely popular in the east, especially Japan.

Green tea tastes bittersweet to sweet depending on how it’s prepared. It also carries a grassy, floral and oceanic taste to it. Known for its high medicinal values, it’s in trend these days the world over for those who seek a healthy and active lifestyle.

White Tea

It is the mildest of all teas available. Many of us may have not heard of it, but white tea has as many health benefits as green tea. It also contains only 25% caffeine than coffee. So you need not worry on getting addicted to something else. Besides Instagram and Facebook, that is.

Herbal Tea

Unlike the above three, herbal tea isn’t a true tea. By the way, a true teas is that which is derived from the plant camellia sinensis. Since herbal tea comes from dried flowers, fruits, herbs and shoots of different plants, it doesn’t fall in the same criteria as the above types.

However, the sweet tasting tea isn’t short on health benefits either. I tried a mint herbal teas blended with a fruity aroma.

Masala Tea

So I couldn’t leave my native drink behind. This list had to end with Masala Tea. And no matter how much Oprah or Starbucks tells you to, never call Masala Chai ‘Chai Tea’. That would mean ‘Tea Tea’ which sounds foolish and stupid.

Masala tea is India’s most popular tea type and is enjoyed with a blend of spices ranging from cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg and clove.

I hope you’d now look forward to tasting more different types of tea, now that this article must have inspired you somewhat.

Until then, Ch-ai.