5 Steps To Fitness For Men Over 40


In the era of 21st century where anything is possible because of science. I must say, being a 40 years old guy means you are on medicins and will lose muscle mass. For me and for every other person in this era, exercising is the only natural way to remain healthy.

Person Holding Barbell

Your energy levels are decreasing and your stress levels are passing through the roof, you have sufferings and pain you have never felt before. Right now, I say to you, none of this must be true. Your life must not be this. You will have to change your lifestyle slightly.

Your testosterone concentration decreases after 40. You lower your HGH levels. The shrinking of your muscles begins. All just starts slowing down. Don’t be wrong. Now your body is in war. Fortunately, with only some simple changes and less than five hours a week, it is a war that you can start winning.

Take out some time for a workout

It doesn’t look like an athlete or an action film star to your mission here. Right now, your mission is to keep your muscle. I’m not careful if you go into a gym, lifting those dumbells or do bodyweight exercises in your basement. All your muscles must be challenged at least three times a week with intensity. Start with a minimum of 20 minutes and work up to 45 minutes per session.

It is completely possible to add muscle after 40, regardless of what you heard. You just have to commit yourself. Start with it.

An on Treadmill

Opt for HIIT cardio

Man Push-up on White Floor

HIIT represents high-intensity training intervals. In just 20 minutes 2-3 times per week, HIIT can achieve your cardiovascular goals. With a HIIT training, you perform cardio at maximum intensity for 30–60 seconds, then slow to low intensity for a period of 60-90 seconds to catch your breath. What you’re about now is shorter workouts of higher intensity. Try a pre-workout drink if you need an energy boost to get you going. The recovery time is longer as you age, so rest and recharge yourself 2 days a week. Enjoy them! Enjoy them!