5 Smart Luggage Options That Will Transform Your Travel Experience


The packing and unpacking of your things when you are out on a vacation or a business trip is an art! Things can get pretty stressful if you don’t pack your personnel very well. 

One can never understand what goes wrong or rather how unfortunate he could get while travelling. So one must make a note of it that luggage should be properly packed and under control of the person. 

Smart luggage with specifications like battery backup, GPS tracker, USB ports, solar-powered batteries is changing the travel industry in a good and efficient way. Considering that you don’t sacrifice your suitcase look, a stylish companion on a journey is like a brownie point. 

I have jotted down some incredibly good carry-ons for your safe travel journeys with less drama. 

  1. G-RO Tough Terrain Expandable Carry-on

Looking for something sleek yet funky, then G-RO tough terrain expandable carry-on is what you are searching for. It will help you cross the bumpiest roads of your favourite place. The suitcase has a portable charging station with two USB ports as well as TSA approved locks. The suitcase has got multiple compartments for you to arrange everything in a systematic way. 

2.) Away The Bigger Carry-on

Long journeys require bags which give you ample space to pack and unpack. As the name suggests, this luggage carrier is roomier than any standard carry-on. The suitcase is made up of durable polycarbonate and has a 37-watt battery to keep you charging sessions intact. 

3.) Samsara Smart Luggage

While everything around us is so smart these days, Samsara smart luggage is still the next-gen suitcase. Lightweight aluminium alloy, anodized coating and a long-lasting impressive look are here to stay for many years now. It has got its own app. Whenever the suitcase is opened out of the owner’s sight, a notification will be sent to the app. With so many things to offer, the built-in battery helps in charging a phone up to 10 times. 

4.) Modobag

Considered to be the world’s first motorised suitcase, Modobag was probably the face of luggage that we all were waiting for. Riding Modobag to the terminal got much easier due to technology. Not only this but it features two USB ports, LED light controls, app-controlled tracking and proximity alert make this new tech Modobag carrier a great choice. 

5.) The Marlon Carry-on

Catching a flight has always been a plight with suitcases along your side. One is less likely to stumble or get caught when running out of time on an airport or take any place. The Marlon carry-on is made up of oversized wheels, to top that off. The simple and sleek design makes it look stylish and easy to carry on any long journey. Spacious and USB port with removable battery makes Marlon Carry-on user-friendly.