5 Reasons To Make You Fall In Love With Barcelona


Flabbergasting architecture, appetizing tapas or just that serene, Mediterranean climate – here are 5 reasons Barcelona is unmissable.

Lip-smacking food.

Barcelona’s food culture is visionary and diverse, combining Catalan and Spanish customs with universal and contemporary approaches and styles. The broad-ranging palate adds further complexity: Basque-style tapas bars, Galician seafood Spanish idols such as Paella and Tapas, along with ingenious takes on vegetables, meats, and grains. And don’t forget a host of Michelin starred restaurants on the Spanish platter.

Ancient architectural marvels.

Catalan architectural treasures span over two thousand years. Towering church monuments, antique city walls, and subterranean stone passages present a window into a Roman-era Barcino.

Mesmerising beaches.

If you wish to flee Barcelona’s upheaval, what’s better than a period by the beach? Emphasizing its own sandy beaches, absorb the Spanish sunlight and sip on dazzling cocktails till dusk. Take a beach towel and overlook the dins of life.

Vibrant nightlife.

As twilight settles, live music alters the place. The night opens up immense possibilities in Barcelona. Have your pick and strike the clubs as you seek Barcelona’s unabashed wild view.


Not only is it the home of one of the world’s most influential football clubs of all lives, but Camp Nou is also the grandest stadium in all of Europe.