5 Products That You Must Include In Your Make-Up Kit When You Are Travelling


Downsizing your make-up kit can turn out to be a difficult task. But believe me, when you are travelling, it is important to pack light and take only the mandatory stuff. However, these five products in your make-up kit are a must as they can help save the day and ensure you look spectacular in all your vacation photos!

  • Primer

I never forget to pack my trusted primer when I travel. Why? Because while you are out for several hours and primer ensures that your make-up stays intact and doesn’t melt, even when the weather is hot or humid. I generally use the primer from Colorbar as it makes my skin smooth and even.

  • A BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer

When I travel, I usually rely on tinted moisturizers or BB creams as they feel light on my skin, unlike the foundation. And, since my skin is sensitive, I must apply sunscreen. So, using foundation on top of the sunscreen can make you look like a mess whereas a good BB cream or tinted moisturizer will hide all the flaws and add a glow to your skin. My personal favourite is Maybelline’s BB Cream.

  • Gel Liner or Waterproof Kohl

A gel liner or waterproof kohl is a must-have. Just a simple stroke or a winged eye can boost your look instantly. And, since it is gel or waterproof, you don’t have to worry about the smudging.

  • Compact Powder

A compact powder helps settle your make-up. So, I always pack a good-quality compact powder. I even carry it with me wherever I go because it helps me with a quick fix.

  • Lipstick

Your lipstick can also double as a blush and that’s what I usually do. I usually carry a pink and red shade of lipstick and I am all sorted.