5 Places In Nevada That Will Embarrass Even Area 51!


We’ve all heard conspiracy theories and stories on Area 51. And we aren’t even sure if it’s a real deal. But for the sake of this article, let’s imagine Area 51 is real. Yeah, that tightly-guarded secret the US govt doesn’t want the world to know. Including most of the Americans. And then we’ve planned going down that track numerous times, only to be woken up from our dreams.

Yeah, nobody in his sane mind would try to visit the area in real life. Firstly, you would be clueless in finding the actual address (yes, it’s not there on google maps). If somehow you do manage to get close, you’d be swiftly escorted by an armored truck with armed men and carbines, numerous miles before you could even set your eyes on the super-hyped (and probably non-existent) facility.

1) Red Rock Canyon

If Area 51 seemed like an interesting place to visit because it supposedly houses aliens, this is the first place we will put on our travel list today.

Red Rock Canyon looks like a scene right out of Mars, or an exoplanet. It’s picturesque, breathtaking and is popularly known for its Scenic Drive. At 12.5 miles long for a straight drive, the road has various trails around it known for their hikes and mountain bike rides.

2) Las Vegas

City of Lights and Sin City are the most popular ways Las Vegas is known. If you’re in Nevada, you just can’t miss it. And even though you may not gamble or relish allied activities, you gotta visit the place for its buzz, especially during the nights. Don’t miss the Fountains of Bellagio while you’re at it.

3) Lake Tahoe

Did the picture leave you gawking? That tends to happen when one sees such mesmerizing beauty with snow-capped mountains at the backdrop, in the middle of a desert!

Lake Tahoe is an oasis there. And a large one. If you happen to visit the place in winters, get on with your skiing gear and smash some ice.

4) Valley of Fire

As the name suggests, Valley of Fire looks like embers all around. Drive through the Scenic Valley of Fire Road or appreciate amazing rock formations. If you’re into history, Ancient Petroglyphs will leave you spellbound. Also, don’t miss the Fire Wave hike and carry enough water while at it.

5) Hoover Dam

If life gives you a lot of pressure and you need to learn to handle it, visit Hoover Dam. You’ll also learn how to use it to your advantage.

Hoover Dam is an arch-gravity dam, where stocked water exerts pressure against it and that strengthens the dam. That is some astonishing masterpiece. Wouldn’t you agree?

I bet these 5 places in Nevada are more enthralling than the supposed Area 51 would ever be!