5 Physical Signs of Anxiety That Must Be Checked Upon


While, the dance goes on only in your brain, anxiety manifests itself throughout the body. There are many ways in which acute stress and anxiousness presents itself. And while some of mental symptoms manage to stand out, we simply cannot take the physical toll of anxiety lightly. 

After being diagnosed with this very disease two years ago, I was asked to check within myself some of the worst ways in which anxiety affects the body. 

Here’s a short and inexhaustible list of the physical symptoms of anxiety:

#1 Rapid Breathing/Shortness of Breath or Increased Heart Rate

Anxiety plays wicked games with the workings of your heart. A nervous mind immediately drives up the heart rate, while in some rare cases, it fatally lows your blood pressure. It is important for anxiety patients to keep tabs of their heart conditions.

#2 Sweating + Trembling

Anxiety sends emergency signals to your spine, which results in sudden sweating and trembling. I’ve personally experienced my arms fill up with sweat and extreme tremble in my limbs whenever encountered with anxious thoughts.

#3 Insomnia

A tired brain needs rest, but rest is not what it seeks.

Anxiety takes away your desires of replenishment, leaving you hung out to dry. There’s levitating tension in an anxious mind that rescinds sleep or any other form of rest. If you have been missing sleep which directs to a pattern of stress in your life, you should see a doctor ASAP.

#4 Digestive trouble

Our digestive system is a reflection of the life we live. A stressed mind will present itself as a stressed digestive system. There can be many reasons behind an upset bowel, a big one which can be anxiety too.

#5 Fatigue

Getting easily fatigued is a grave symptom of a debilitating anxiety disorder. For some, anxiety poses as hyperactivity state of mind, for some, it limits their capabilities and sends them to a fatigue spiral. Unchecked anxiety can lead to chronic fatigue, and hence, must be dealt with seriously.

Hope you don’t take this monstrous disease lightly.

Take care, and don’t forget to always check with your doctor.