5 New Beauty Brands That Need Your Attention


Beauty can be confusing. With a plethora of options and brands for you to choose from, which one should you go for? Unlike yesteryears, brands from across the globe are available either online or at stores near you. So, take a look at six new beauty brands that are worth your attention.


You already know that water is the most important necessity when it comes to tackling all your beauty concerns. And, yes there are plenty of beauty influencers who go on and on about the benefits of water. They are not wrong, you know. Okay now coming back to the brand. This Korean Skincare brand hydrates your skin providing radiance and a natural glow.


Using the Ayurvedic methodologies, it was founded by Horst Rachelbacher. It brings nature close to you and the chemical-free formula is so good for you. It uses organic ingredients from India and is the real deal, unlike other brands that claim to be Ayurvedic.

Ilana Organics

The brand welcomes you by saying, ‘Our brand is so natural, you can eat it’. But, better not to try. With shampoo bars to bathing soaps, they have it all. It makes use of all organic and vegan products. Also, it’s great for your skin.

Arata Zero Chemicals

With zero chemicals, it feels excellent on your skin. You can be assured that it will only benefit your skin and not cause any breakouts or hair fall.

The Balm

Paraben and cruelty-free products are what The Balm offers. Quirky packing and excellent products to take your makeup routine a notch higher, this is simply perfect.