5 Lavish Perfumes for Men


A perfume is a precious possession of a gentleman. If a man is going to smell, he must smell good. It is a sign of confidence, neatness, and Elegance. When a man buys a perfume, it must match his personality and the aura he wants to project. Different occasions require different fragrances, like dating, clubbing, corporate meetings, and whatnot.

Fogg Impressio Scent For Men

The perfume is a great product. It lasts about 800 sprays and is affordable yet elegant. With a handy and lavish bottle, the fragrance is well suited for parties.

AXE Signature Gold Perfume

The Axe Signature Gold is suitable for a casual outing. The scent is a hint of Vanilla and cedarwood filled in a matte glass bottle. It is best to use in the winter season.

Skinn by Titan Men’s Eau de Parfum in Verge

Skinn by Titan is my favorite perfume as I get a lot of compliments whenever I wear it. It is Infused with lavender oil, lemon, basil oils, and rosemary. The bottle gives an elegant look and is a perfect perfume to gift someone too.

Adidas Dynamic Pulse Eau De Toilette

The Adidas Dynamic Pulse Eau De Toilette is an excellent choice for the sporty person who likes to spray a little fragrance after a gym session of a game. It is infused with the aroma of cedar, citrus, and mint.

The Body Shop Arber Eau de Toilette

The Body Shop Arber Eau de Toilette is an all-season perfume. The scent is refreshing and composed of coriander and mint.