5 Imbalances That Cause Pain And How To Fix Them?


“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever”, according to Lance Armstrong. 

Pain, as we all know, requires our attention. What does a pain signify? Well, pain is nothing but a medical state which tells us that something is wrong in our body. This something is what we need to figure out. This pain might be caused because of imbalances or serious conditions like a nerve issue, thyroid issue, or it might be cancer. 

The ending point of this pain is that we need to exercise quite often to simmer down this pain. Try these 5 simple tests to see what causes pain. Good drills stretch, and correct exercise will fix your pain quickly, and you don’t need to visit the doctors now and then. 

Neck pain and headaches? Could be your shoulders.

You can even figure this out by looking at the mirror and seek which if there is a height difference. If one shoulder is higher than the other, then you will be putting a lot of pressure on that shoulder. When one does a row or press, then the side that causes pain is going to get pinched. How can you fix it? Well, you need to stand inside the threshold of the door and put your forearm inside the door on the right side, palm against the shoulder height. By staying in this position, you need to twist your chest through the door and stretch your chest.

Knee pain when you run? Could be your hips.

You need to know that you witness two neighbours, the hip and the ankle. The pain that one notices in the knee could be because of the tightness and no movement. Relaxing your arms at the sides, palms up. Place your feet together and keep your toes pointed at the ceiling. Create a 90-degree angle at the ankle. Place one leg straight and still as you raise it slowly. Make sure that the ankle can be extended. If neither of your ankles makes it then just roll your hips and glutes and the work on this stature. It would help if you continued until you no longer feel stretched by far by spreading your legs.

Lower-back tightness? Might be your hips.

If you speculate that the hips are uneven, then it puts a lot of stress on the tightness of your lower back. You can try practising hip abduction exercise for that you have to lie on the back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. You can try wrapping a resistance band around the knees so that it feels pressured. Now you need to press against the strap to separate the knees until you form V-shape. This move helps to fix the hip imbalance as the muscles that cause a misalignment in the pelvis arrangement don’t respond.

Hips moving OK? Check your ankles.

To help fix the hips, we must roll our calves and try this on the ankle. Assuming the half-kneeling position and placing the point of a broomstick on the pinky toe of the planted foot. Move the knee forward slowly by stopping the heel. If one performs this as a drill, then one can notice half an inch of improvement in the first session. If you feel the pain during the drill, then stop and consult the physician.

Knee pain when you run? Could be your hips.

Wrap a strap around one foot and raise it till to feel a stretch to the level where it is all stretched. You should bring another leg up to meet it and then meet the non-strapped leg to the floor. At this point, you might find that the strapped leg can come up to a little higher. Just continue until you no longer feel progress in the stretched leg.