5 Green Destinations Where You Can Have Eco-Friendly Vacation


Who doesn’t want to wake up to a view that is surrounded by lush green environs? We crave for a holiday that is close to nature, which helps us take a break from our day-to-day life. The locations that are away from the city hustle makes us feel more fresh, energetic and calms our soul. Here are 5 green destinations where one can just separate themselves from the city traps and lead a peaceful vacation.

1. Bali, Indonesia

Bali, as we all know, is the best example when one wants to take pleasure in enjoying the awesome climate. A scenic view of rice farms, fragrant cuisines, stunning beaches and a plethora of culture and tradition is what Bali is made up of. Endless coastlines, best coral reefs, waterfall and retreats will make sure that you stay close to nature by every means. Boosted with best sunsets and sunrises, this place is enough to captivate and never let you go for sure. Bali’s charm is such that once visited one would keep on visiting it again and again. 

2.) Finland

Finland should always be on your list, where can one get to experience staying in igloos to look at the spectacular and colourful natural light show known as Aurora Borealis. One can get to see them in the month of October and November as well as march and April. So plan for this place as you can combine your vacation of winter sports with a chance to watch one of the greatest and breath-taking wonders of nature. 

3.) Italy 

Italy maintains high standards when it comes to environment-friendly tourism and sustainable actions. Energy conservation, recycling and overall eradication of waste and pollution make Italy stand at the topmost position on the list of tourists as these destinations help in reducing the carbon footprint.  One can find cable cars and methane-powered buses as means of transportation along with locally sourced food promoting traditional produce and encouraging agrotourism and local businesses. 

4.) Peru

Peru as well all know is known for residing one of the wonders of the world. Tourism guides Peru’s economy so the country promotes sustainable tourism and eco-tourism that teaches travellers to respect the local businesses so that it minimises their impact on vegetation and wildlife. Protecting amazon rainforest through national park reserves and regulating their entry for travellers and groups is how the government is taking an initiative. 

5.) Costa Rica 

A place so green and carbon-negative that shows there is absolutely no carbon presence which means it is negating carbon dioxide Costa Rica is so green and carbon negative, which means its carbon emission is reduced from the atmosphere. Tree plantation, generating green energy and improving efficiency. Many steps are involved in achieving this status, a few include planting trees, generating green energy, and improving energy efficiency. So whenever you visit Costa Rica immediately you will notice that nature is their priority. You can find many businesses like hotels and resorts that are built around it without harming it but maintaining its natural space.