5 Great Bollywood Horror Movies To Watch


How many of you think about puraani haveli, Ramu Kaka, rusty gateways and monstrous creatures when thinking about a Bollywood horror flick? I guess, many! Some of the movies have totally spoiled the reputation of horror films. Yet, there are some really great films that have not been appreciated enough. So, here’s my list of some great horror movies.


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An empty royal estate.  An elusive unit Test out. Check out. A family newlywed. In every cliche expected of a horror film, this film abounds, but the technical finesse with which the images were created distinguishes it from the other films. Guaranteed with chills.

Ragini MMS

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Ragini MMS was inspired by the supernatural American horror ‘ Paranormal Activity.’ Contrary to its succession Sunny Leone did not have, but due to its spirited tone, managed to draw the crowds into the theatres. That hit will send you a few hours of insomnia every night before you hit the bed.


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Considered Bollywood’s first horror film, the subject of reincarnation has been addressed by Mahal. The film has been haunting viewers for decades even with minimalist results.

4. 13 B

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13 B comes with neural chills and scares packed into the rafters. It does not depend entirely on the spooky background or odd angles of the picture. 13 B is certainly one movie you shouldn’t forget, with its solid plot and an ensemble cast that does its job to perfection.


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Shaapit’s sufficiently good to raise your neck’s hair. The USP of this film is in its treatment like any film from Vikram Bhatt and keeps it stylishly angry. You may believe in curses and evil spirits at the end of everything.