5 Emmy Nominated Shows You Should Definitely Be Watching


The 71st annual Emmys Nominations have been announced where some of the most exceptional talents and shows will be honored. Last year’s Emmy was a massive success for Netflix, but this year, HBO dominated the 2019 Emmy nominations earning a whopping 137 Emmy nominations all from the Final Season of Game of Thrones.

From Amy Adams starring psychological thriller Sharp Objects to the dark tragicomedy Barry (Both Streaming on Hotstar), here are 5 Shows you might have missed but should take the time to watch.

Barry (Hotstar, HBO)

Frankly, it’s one of the most exceptional comedy series I’ve seen in a while. Barry‘s first season landed Hader and Winkler Emmy wins for Lead and Supporting Actor respectively. The series follows Hader as a low-rent hitman who reluctantly travels to Los Angeles to execute a hit on an aspiring actor and discovers the joy of acting there. Barry brings the laughs with beautiful writing and even better performances. I would highly suggest watching this masterpiece.
Rating: 10/10

Sharp Objects

HBO’s Sharp Objects is bleak, disturbing, excellent, and proves that it is much more critical to establish emotional clarity than forensic science. The scourge of so many murder mysteries. This show is the product of a mix of brilliant acting, direction, and storytelling. If you enjoy slow-cooked thrillers with establishing detailed characters that portray complex relationships with finesse, you’ll love Sharp Objects.
Rating: 08/10

The Handmaid’s Tale (SonyLIV)

A brilliant show that skillfully shows women’s struggles in this totalitarian universe. A show that encourages us to empathize with women who many of us demonized now and then. Women, who today, remain trapped within the misogynist ruling much of the world. Excellent cinematography, characterization and plot development at a good, steady pace. Riveting to the point you won’t be able to look away for a second or miss one second of dialogue or action.
Rating: 09/10

Bodyguard (Netflix)

Things that make Bodyguard stand out from a lot of the other similar series in this genre is the way it manages a good thriller. Within the first 20 minutes of Bodyguard, you’ve arguably one of the best thriller scenes in TV shows. From that moment onwards, I knew I had to watch all the episodes as quickly as I could. Great characters, superb acting, cinematography, storytelling, and brilliant performance given by Richard Madden will keep you hooked.
Rating: 7.5/10

Fleabag (Prime Video)

Fleabag is excellent. It’s a cocktail of comedy, tension, and pathos. Its a story of a dysfunctional 30-year-old, laid bare for the world to see. No show portrayed post-traumatic frenzy, conflicts, and bondings better than this. Protagonist Phoebe Waller-Bridge has taken her stage show and crafted it into this well-executed, acted and directed gem. It is also a triumph for female writers, and the amount of feminist comment in there is not lost. What makes Fleabag unique is that it isn’t set in a comedy world where all the characters are silly, unrealistic people. They are believable people in a believable situation.
Rating: 08/10