5 Elegant Leather Wallets On Amazon That Will Fit Your Pocket Easily


In today’s materialistic world, many of us prioritise money over other things. And quite rightly, almost all of us consider it as highly valuable. After all, it’s the sole ingredient that defines any product’s value through a price-tag! Hence, securing money is essential. Be it currency notes or in plastic form, keeping it safe ranks higher. And though digital wallets are growing in popularity, a good ol’ fashioned leather wallet it still much in use.

Being a fan myself (I have eight of them!), we’ve compiled a list of 5 leather wallets that are available for less than Rs. 500 on Amazon India.

1. WildHorn Blue Men’s Wallet

The rich-looking dark-blue coloured wallet is made of genuine soft leather and is super comfy and handy to carry around your back-pocket too.

With 9 slots for cards & ID and 2 compartments to carry cash among others, it provides plenty of room for all needs.

Buy for ₹ 460.00/- from Amazon.

2. HORNBULL Navy Blue Tri-fold Leather Wallet

If you’re someone who loves a larger wallet for keeping cash, we recommend you this product from HORNBULL. They swear on product quality. With great reviews on Amazon, we agree to their soft-leathered handmade wonder.

Comes with numerous compartments to keep your cards and cash safely.

Buy for ₹ 499.00/- from Amazon.

3. WildHorn Brown Men’s Wallet

If brown’s a colour you fancy most, WildHorn has something similar up its sleeve to amaze us again.

With many contemporary pockets like the wallets above, this leather piece has a pull-out detachable part that has 3 slots. This would help save a lot of time, and is a handy design.

Buy for ₹ 360.00/- from Amazon.

4. Urban Forest Kevin Men’s Leather Wallet

Packed in a classy matte black box, this wallet is made from genuine soft leather and has an elegant and regal green colour to it. With an unconventional colour, you should buy this if you want to stand from the crowd.

Buy for ₹ 499.00/- from Amazon.

5. DESIGNER BUGS Men Blue Leather Wallet

With a Puma logo in gold at the corner, Designer Bugs have successfully given a contrasting look to the wallet with the ink blue in the background. The colour looks as if it’s on some canvas, and hence the usage of PU leather.

Get yourself one if you want to use it for regular as well as party outings.

Buy for ₹ 299.00/- from Amazon.